PENISTONE man Lachlan Moorhead will be spending the week leading up to Christmas in Jerusalem.

But instead of making a Christian pilgrimage, he will be taking part in the World Masters judo event which is due to be held on Wednesday.

“How festive is that?” said the 22-year-old who is due to fly out to Israel on Sunday.

“I might have to find a manger or something.

“I am fighting then coming home that evening but I might have a wonder around Jerusalem and see what it’s saying.

“Everyone always says I am so lucky to be travelling around the world, and I am.

“But I pretty much fly in, focus on making weight and fighting, then fly home or I stay for a night but I am way too tired to do anything.”

The top 36 fighters in Lachlan’s weight category will compete in the event, with ranking points on offer for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“I have been training for this event alone for the past six weeks

“Hopefully I will have a good day.

“I feel good.

“All the best judo players will be there, anyone who is anyone.

“I fancy my chances and it would be nice to get a few rounds in and stay on the right trajectory to get to Paris and hopefully get a medal there.”

Lachlan recently travelled to Perth, Australia to take a silver medal in the Oceania Open, which put him up to 20th in the world.

He is hoping to end on a high a year which saw him win the Commonwealth Games on home soil and compete in his first World Championships.