BARNSLEY Central MP Dan Jarvis has told the Justice Secretary to ‘get a grip’ after a convicted paedophile was allowed to jet off to Greece before he was sentenced.

Matthew Thompson, 48, originally appeared at Bradford Crown Court last year.

He was asked to plead to ten charges against him which include assault of a child under 13 by penetration and taking almost 100 indecent images of a child and he pleaded guilty to all counts.

Thompson, of Bentham Drive, Monk Bretton, had booked a week’s holiday to Kos and, despite his crimes, was allowed to go.

He was later sentenced to 15 years and ten months in prison for his crimes.

Dan Jarvis slammed the decision at the time and this week in the House of Commons called out the government on its failing over sex offender bail conditions.

He told the Chronicle: “I find it extraordinary that the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab fails to see why it’s wrong to give permission for sex offenders to go abroad on holiday while they await sentencing.

“I’ve asked about it twice in the House of Commons chamber, and written to him, but he won’t give a straight answer.

“It’s deeply offensive to victims of these heinous crimes who must come first, along with the safety of the public.

“The Justice Secretary needs to get a grip and act to ensure sex offenders awaiting sentencing are not able to go abroad on holiday.”