BARNSLEY East MP Stephanie Peacock has slammed the government after its anti-strike bill was passed.

The bill’s passing means that workers are at risk of being sacked if they choose to take industrial action.

Ms Peacock said: “Labour will always defend the right to strike, and proposed changes to the Bill to protect workers.

“Unfortunately, the government decided to reject these changes.

“The bill could force workers to cross the picket line, no matter whether they have voted to strike or not, or risk being sacked.

“This is illogical and unworkable legislation, that encourages bosses to target workers, rather than paying them a fair wage.

“I was proud to speak in defence of the right to strike.

“As a former striking teacher and MP for an area with such a strong history of trade unionism, I have seen first-hand how important this right is, and how fundamentally wrong it is to take this right away.”