GYMNASTIC sessions are being held at a local care home to improve residents’ fitness and memory.

Residents living at Deangate, on Towngate, Mapplewell, have taken up gymnastics in a bid to improve their general fitness and coordination, with the sessions being delivered by a health and wellbeing coach.

The programme, Love to Move, developed by the British Gymnastics Foundation, has proven popular to the elderly.

So far, residents have been enjoying learning dance routines and taking part in various activities, such as moving their hands and arms alternately.

Francis Smith, an 88-year-old resident at the home, noticed improvements in her mobility after just two sessions.

“My left arm has been stiff but since starting these exercises I feel it’s a lot better - I feel energised,” Francis said.

Another resident, William ‘Bill’ Guest, has also been enjoying the sessions, adding: “We all did a great job and I think we should be proud for trying something new and giving it a go.”

The Love to Move programme is known to have improved elderly participants’ walking speed, as well as their cognitive function and balance.

Wellbeing coach Hannah Newton said: “I’m glad the residents at Deangate are enjoying the programme and it’s having a positive impact on them.

“Having previously worked in a care home for those with dementia and alzheimer’s, I can see the true benefits of this work.

“The programme is also known to reduce feelings of low mood and depression.”