A FAMOUS dancer officially opened his new dance dojo in the heart of Barnsley this week.

Pierre Lafayette-Marsh, from Wombwell, started late in the industry - but he’s hoping his expertise will inspire the next generation of dancers.

He created his dancing school - Art of PALM Dance Dojo - a year ago and the team moved into their new home at The Picture House on Eastgate.

He’ll be working alongside his dance partner David Kravcenko following their move from Honeywell Sports Campus.

Pierre, who has appeared on multiple TV shows, told the Chronicle: “It’s amazing to be somewhere which we can call our home.

“We have been looking for a while, we were based before at Honeywell which was amazing but tough because we were moving to difficult locations.

“We wanted to expand and get children and adults into dance - having a home in the heart of Barnsley was important to us.

“We’ve started with a core team of around 19 people and we’re wanting to accumulate more people.

“Street dance is a great way to express your feelings and passion.

“People can craft their character and create their safe zone.

“If it’s just for fun, that’s amazing, if it’s for something more then that’s even better.

“We want memories to be made here and for people to look back with a smiley face no matter what.”