THE full extent of alleged crime taking place at a town centre nightclub - which led South Yorkshire Police to call for its licence to be revoked - has been laid bare in a damning report.

Reported instances of a huge brawl between 20 to 30 people, a member of the door staff knocking out someone’s tooth and drugs and even weighing scales being found in a woman’s handbag during a stop-search of Sugar Club, on Pitt Street, are just some of the incidents included in the multi-page dossier which was released this week.

A large number of witness statements have been made in relation to next Thursday’s meeting - including claims of ‘serious crime’.

One statement, made by a police officer, states that on March 4 a quantity of drugs were found on the premises after the force were made aware of an altercation between a door supervisor and a ‘victim’.

The police report states: “At approximately 2.30am I was informed of an alleged assault by a doorman from Sugar Club inside the venue, resulting in the victim losing a tooth.

“On this, I have attended the premises and spoke to the door supervisor, a male who states that he had removed the male from the venue due to this behaviour.

“I questioned him to see his personal licence to which he stated he did not have and did not have any written authority anywhere.

“Whilst speaking, a female attended into a small room next to the bar area to attempt to obstruct my view of her, however I could still see she was placing items into her brown handbag.

“Due to this I followed the female outside and advised her that due to what I had seen then she would be subjected to a search under section 23 of the Misuse of Drug Act.

“On searching her handbag she had a small set of scales containing traces of white powder, and a small black purse containing multiple clear bags - some with traces of white powder.

“As the female was being led away she tried to brush herself passed the door supervisor who held out his hand to which I saw an exchange take place.

“I directed the officers to arrest her and the door supervisor was arrested for a possession of a controlled drug.”

Other claims of crime were also made against the club, and its sole director Ashley Stockton, include a number of females who were ‘clearly’ under 18 and a mass brawl between ‘20 and 30 people’.

In total, more than 50 documents on the agenda are to be discussed at a meeting on Thursday, where councillors will determine if its license should remain suspended, or even revoked.

It comes after an expedited review hearing took place on March 10, where members ‘unanimously’ voted that it was necessary to take interim steps pending a full review.

Superintendent Emma Wheatcroft submitted an application for the hearing two days earlier - following the altercation on March 4.

The council have a number of actions which it could take including modifying the conditions of the licence, removing the designated premises supervisor, suspending the licence for up to three months, or revoking the licence in its entirety.

“Since the concerns were brought to our attention about the premise, there have been 31 telephone conversations connected with the venue, with a further failed seven attempts to contact them,” the report added.

“There have been 32 emails sent to to the venue and 61 visits conducted.

“South Yorkshire Police tried to support the venue and Mr Stockton, but despite our best efforts, Sugar Club and Mr Stockton have failed to alleviate our concerns in connection with prevention of crime and disorder and protection of children from harm.”

A list of the alleged crimes committed at Sugar Club include:

- White powder and scales found

- Door supervisor knocking victim’s tooth out

- Mass brawl with ‘20 to 30’ people involved

- ‘Clear’ underage drinking

- Staff not wearing body-worn cameras

- ID scanner continuously ‘not working’

- Multiple breaches of their licence