A ROYSTON youngster will cut a foot of her hair off later this month to raise funds for a memorial garden in honour of her friend who died earlier this year.

Oliver Howe, eight, was first diagnosed with cancer in September 2020 and, despite his ill health, always had a smile on his face.

After ringing the cancer treatment bell in 2021, the disease devastatingly returned later that year and he died in February.

He attended Summer Lane Primary School and was good friends with nine-year-old Meredith Price from Royston.

Her mum, Sophia, told the Chronicle her daughter wanted to do something in his memory - and on April 28 she’ll be cutting off 12 inches of her hair to raise funds for a garden in the school grounds.

She said: “Meredith was one of Oliver’s school friends - they were close.

“She’s got long and natural hair and so she’s planning to cut it off to her her chin level.

“Our target is £500 but we’re hoping by the time she has her hair cut there will be more than that.

“I’m so proud of her - she wanted to do something because she was really sad when we lost Oliver.”

She’ll have her hair cut in the hall at school and a link to donate can be found on the Barnsley Chronicle website.