A PLANNING application - which seeks to remove a condition requiring affordable housing - has sparked concerns.

The variation of condition three of planning application (demolition of all buildings within the site and proposed residential development of 22 dwellings) to allow for removal of affordable housing provision from scheme by substituting of layout plans showing all properties for market sale.

Coun Robert Barnard said he had objected and asked for refusal due to the lack of affordable housing in Penistone.

He said: “The application seeks to remove the affordable housing provision which was a condition for the approval of the substantive application 2018/1433.

“The concerns regarding the lack of affordable housing within Penistone is reflected in council policy being to incorporate such into large scale developments.

“The condition which the applicant now seeks to remove was intended to achieve that policy objective and therefore should be retained.

“Continually seeking variations to previously approved planning applications is a pattern we have seen over the years whereby one is submitted which is calculated to gain approval then subsequently changed to achieve what must have been the intention from the start.”