CHRONICLE readers have helped to provide information for a family history website dedicated to one particular surname.

Those called Yoxall can now research their family history thanks to 20 years of work.

Several years ago, James Wignall, from Lancashire, wrote a letter to the Chronicle looking for help from people whose last name was Yoxall – which crops up in his own family tree.

James once again wants to appeal to Barnsley people to fill in any blanks, and to get in touch if they can add information or photographs of Yoxalls – the older the better.

Frederick Edward Yoxall
Frederick Edward Yoxall

It is a surname originally arising from the village of Yoxall in Staffordshire, but research uncovered descendants from the Barnsley area.

“Now after almost 20 years, thanks to the help of more than 200 people and a volunteer website designer, I have been able to put all my research, images, history and origin of the Yoxall surname onto a Yoxall One Name Study,” said James. “Access to my website, and help, is entirely free.

“If any of your readers have Yoxall ancestors, I hope they will visit my website and perhaps provide some extra information about their ancestors for future generations to enjoy.

“In particular I am trying to preserve as many photographs as possible of deceased Yoxalls, the older the better, in any condition, whilst they can still be identified by living people.”

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If any readers have any information or photos of people with the Yoxall surname which can be used on the website, contact James Wignall on

The current findings on the surname can be found on –

The family of Henry Houhgton Yoxall and Elizabeth Smallwood
The family of Henry Houhgton Yoxall and Elizabeth Smallwood