Broadcaster Ryan Davis, who regularly commentates on the Tampa Bay Rowdies, answers questions about new Barnsley head coach Neill Collins’ time in Florida

What impact has Neill Collins made on the Tampa Bay Rowdies?

“He had an enormous impact on the Rowdies and Tampa Bay area both on and off the field.

“On the field, he created a culture of winning.

“How? His intensity as a player bled into the type of coach that he has become.

“His practices from day one are intense.

“He believes that players must perform at a high level in practice to earn a place in the starting 11.

“Players will be expected to carry out their carefully defined duties on the pitch.

“His players and the staff love and respect him because of his easily approachable demeanour and the respect he gives to everyone in the organisation.

“Everyone will be on a first name basis by the end of the first week.

“Off the field, Collins gets involved in the community. He attended youth tournaments, charity events and created a corridor for young talent in the area to be involved with the club.

“He has a huge influence on the Rowdies youth program as well as an eye on the high school (secondary schools) programs and clubs in the area.

“The fans are sad but respectful that Collins is fulfilling his dream to coach in Europe.

“He is a true leader.”

How would you describe his tactics and style of play?

“He has used 3-4-1-2, 3-4-2-1 or 4-2-3-1 formations.

“He wants the action to stay as far from his goal as possible. He loves to get the ball wide and for wing-backs or wingers to take on defenders then get crosses in.

“Pressing high up the pitch is the norm.

“The forwards are the first defenders.

“They have to be able to close down space and press or they won’t play – simple

“He plays two holding midfielders. One stays and one is allowed to advance to support the attack.

“In the back three, he has used a physically imposing and aerial dominant player in the middle flanked by two quicker centre-backs who have to be able to bring the ball out of the back.”

Tell us about the USL Championship in general…

“Because of MLS’ limited contracts to players, the USL has turned into a huge landscape for football in the US.

“South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa have a huge influence on the league. Young US players have a competitive environment to play in.

“Over the last three seasons, Valencia and Lille have bypassed the MLS and bought the up and coming talent from the USL.”