I just love the seaside, especially Bridlington. The smell of candyfloss, fish and chips and of course the sea. It all takes me back to when I was a kid.

Back then most families had a fortnight away on holiday once a year. Me, my brother, sister, mum and dad stayed in the same small chalet every year. Back then families didn’t have holidays like they do now, and I didn’t know anyone who went abroad, in fact there was only one family on our street that owned a car, let alone a passport. But it’s so strange how we tend to go back to the places we visited as kids, and even as my kids were growing up, I would take them to Brid. We even took our grandkids. It’s as if something is installed in me to keep going back. Memories maybe?

But over the years there’s been quite a few changes. The club on the campsite for one. I can remember as a kid, that there was a yellow painted line just inside the entrance to the pub, and under no circumstances was any child, no matter what could ever cross. Crossing the line was quite a frightening thing to even think about. Although I do seem to remember doing it once only to be ushered out immediately, by my parents. I would balance on the line trying my very best to lean over as much as I dare to try and catch my dad’s attention, so he would fetch me a bottle of pop and a bag of cheese and onion crisps. I thought I’d got the earth if I had a bottle of pop (probably cherryade.) a bag of crisps and a few pennies for the slot machines in the nearby amusement arcade.

Last orders were bang on 11pm, with 15 minutes drink up time. Not like now. Now there are family rooms where the kids can stay in until closing, which could be 1am. I must admit that I’ve seen some kids still up dancing, thoroughly enjoying themselves whilst their parents are ready for going home.

Bridlington harbour hasn’t changed much, but then I don’t suppose, you can do much to change a harbour. I don’t know if any of you can remember, but, back many years, Bridlington had a nudist beach, going up from South Cliff towards Barmston. Well, of course that’s no longer there, thank the lord. Although I must admit that there have been times when walking along the beach there’s been someone’s dangly bits that I’d much rather not see on view. I do have to have a little smile to myself (yes, I do know that actually it isn’t funny at all) but could you just imagine any Barnsley blokes getting their bits and bobs out for the world and his wife to see. It’s not as if it’s scorching hot, and I can't help but wonder just how cold their bits actually get, or, do they ever burn. And whoever sees these fleshy tanned bits. Let’s be honest it isn’t something that they can just whip out and show off, is it?

So as yet another summer is upon us (I do use that word loosely, summer.) I shall once again walk along the beach and remember when I was a kid, building sandcastles, and enjoy the feeling that we get when we revisit places of our childhood.