BARNSLEY Council will join forces with the police to complete night-time stops of taxi drivers - in a bid to ensure the public are as safe as possible.

On July 21, council staff alongside police officers took part in a night-time operation focusing their attention in the town centre and taxi drivers.

Chair of the licensing regulatory board Coun Steve Green was in attendance during the operation where a total of 26 vehicles were stopped and inspected.

Three of those vehicles were found to be licensed by neighbouring authorities, such as Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham.

Of the 26 vehicles inspected, 18 of them were found to be fully compliant.

Two vehicles were suspended for having no working umber plate lights - the vehicles were repaired and had their licences reinstated on the night.

Whilst three drivers were issued with written warning for failing to complete their required checks.

The report, which will be discussed by councillors on Wednesday, said: “Vehicle non-compliance is an issue officers are concerned with during the undertaking of each and every enforcement operation.

“Defective vehicles are not acceptable and cannot be excused, coupled with failing to complete basic vehicle inspection sheets, which is a tool that ensures the very safety of a licensed vehicle, is not acceptable.

“Proactive enforcement operations will continue to take place.

“Vehicle failures are always unacceptable, and our operations must convey the message that operators, vehicle proprietors and drivers must accept responsibility for their failures and make a change.

“We have clear standards that must be adhered to as failure to do so may put the safety of the public at risk when using a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle in Barnsley.

“The principal consideration is, as always, one of public safety.

“Members are asked to support officers and encourage private hire and hackney carriage drivers and operators to comply with the conditions of their licence and continue to keep their vehicles as safe as possible for both drivers and customers at all times.”

Officers have also recently taken part in a two-day enforcement operation to ensure the town’s scrap metal sites are all trading legally.

During the operation a total of 13 scrap metal sites were visited, of which ten were found to be compliant and three had licences which had recently lapsed.

“All site owners were spoken to and advised accordingly, and we have now received applications for all three of the sites identified to obtain the relevant licences and carry on their business legitimately,” the report added.

“Proactive enforcement operations will also continue to take place on a regular basis and licensing officers will work with all responsible authorities and partner agencies to ensure compliance of licensing requirements across the borough.

“Whilst offences are always unacceptable, we will combat ill failings and convey the message that all individuals licensed under the scrap metal dealers 2013 must begin to accept responsibility for their failures and make a change.”