STUDENTS with special educational needs gaining work experience at a Barugh Green shop won’t be left in the dark thanks to Shaw Lane Sports Club.

Young adults with special needs have been using The Makery as a route to get work experience in a way they perhaps might not have been able to otherwise.

Earlier this month, the public were made aware that the shop would close its doors for good last Friday - prompting its users to come together in a bid to save it.

The Wellspring Trust, which has Greenacre School under its wing, has backed the school board’s decision to close the site.

The trust said that the youngsters using the service will still be able to gain work experience at Greenacre’s in-house cafe - but staff at Shaw Lane Sports Club have stepped up to give them an external chance.

Although it won’t replace The Makery, the Shaw Lane Community Cafe will officially open its doors on September 12.

Working with the site’s Opening Doors scheme - which supports young adults who have learning difficulties to access the community - the cafe will offer work experience to students at Greenacre.

Community and engagement manager Fiona Hall told the Chronicle: “We were aware that the site was going to be closing down and we have plans to introduce a community cafe where students can gain some work experience.

“We’ll be offering them roles and it’ll be in conjunction with the Opening Doors service.

“On September 12, we’ll be having a disability engagement event and that’s when we’ll be opening it.

“It won’t replace The Makery it we’re going to try and offer these students an opportunity.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to make this happen.”