It has now been a year since Liz Truss’ disastrous mini budget.

The former Prime Minister crashed the economy with her suggested unfunded tax cuts, leaving many people struggling with the cost of living as inflation soared and mortgage rates rocketed.

A year on, Liz Truss has demanded economic changes from the Government, calling for them to lower taxes once again, despite being responsible for an additional £45 billion of public debt.

72 per cent of people report considering the UK to be poorer than it was before the mini budget.

Families across the country have seen their disposable incomes take the biggest hit on record, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that living standards have been steadily in decline.

It is not fair that people across the country are once again expected to pay the price for consecutive Conservative Governments’ mistakes.

Households in Barnsley are still feeling the squeeze of the mini budget, and the effects of thirteen years of Tory austerity.

Lloyds Bank have found that the average deposit, the average house price, and the average cost of a new house for first time buyers have all increased significantly over the past year in Barnsley, with mortgage payments on average up £1,500 a year locally.

Over 20,700 households in Barnsley are in fuel poverty, with 90 per cent of foodbanks in the area reporting an increase in demand.

Regionally, there are the highest levels of child poverty in Yorkshire and the Humber since 2001.

The Tories have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted with the UK’s economy. We cannot continue in this low growth cycle that the Government have trapped us in.

After thirteen years of consecutive Conservative Governments, Britain is broken.

The Labour Party are committed to building back a resilient economy, with a long term economic plan.

One thing is clear: we need a Labour Government to get Britain back on track.

I will continue to hold this Government to account, and to stand up for Barnsley East.