After two years of planning and saving, me, Pete and our mates finally managed to get away to celebrate our ‘big’ birthdays. We had all decided to go to Lanzarote. Sun, sea and sangria, oh yes, and of course spending time with each other.

As the time approached, we we’re all getting excited. Eventually the day came when we could book our seats online. Well, it would have if the system would have let us. Nothing ever runs smoothly, does it? So, the men had to go into the travel agents, only to be told that none of us would be sat together. That is unless we all paid extra. “Extra!” they all screamed. “I don’t think so!”

The woman behind the counter didn’t look very impressed when our friend Dave said, “Martin Lewis said that Jet2 was one of the airlines that always sat people together.” Her response was “Martin Lewis said, Martin Lewis said.” Which, at this point, she slammed her water bottle down so hard that it almost burst. Needless to say, they didn’t get any joy.

To cut a long story short, everyone apart from myself and hubby were sat together. As we were sat not very far from each other, we decided to make a secret code. One wink for, yes, I would like a drink. Two winks for no I wouldn’t. of course, I got chatting with the lady sat next to me, so I wasn’t really paying attention as poor Pete was winking away furiously at me, trying to get my attention for another drink, by the time I did see him, I also noticed a gentleman sat near me watching Pete keep winking in his direction, I started to laugh as I really believed that this old guy thought he had pulled. Eventually we decided to abort the idea and just order our own drinks.

After we had landed, Pete was rushing as usual to get our hand luggage from the overhead lockers. I kept asking him if he’d got everything. “Of course, I have.” He told me, so off we went on our merry little way towards arrivals. It wasn’t until we were seated on our transfer coach that I noticed that I hadn’t got my new straw hat on my head. Oh no! he’d only left it on the plane and there was no going back for it. It was the Brighton thing all over again. Just what is it with him and hats?

The hotel was lovely, and we settled back to have a good holiday. But after a few days of settling in we decided to book a trip to the market. Quite simple, what could go wrong. He insisted on using the small wind-up travel clock he had packed to get us up the next day as he didn’t trust my phone clock to go off. He set it up telling me how simple it was and how reliable it was. You can only imagine the panic when the next morning we awoke with only fifteen minutes to get ready and be down for the coach.

What could possibly have gone wrong with this so reliable clock I wondered. Oh yes, he'd set it up alright, just a shame that he’d forgotten that it needed winding up otherwise it stops. He was now beginning to wind me up.

We did make the market, and everything went fine from then on. All in all, we all had a great time away celebrating our ‘Big’ birthdays. And the only question is now, how will we all celebrate our next ‘Big’ birthdays. Oh, and by the way I did manage to collect my hat on our way home, so I suppose all’s well that ends well.