PUPILS at Darton Academy have been putting their artistic talent to good use by making an 11-foot-long mural for a local charity.

To celebrate five years of the charity working with Liddy’s Solicitors on Regent Street, Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support (BIADS) have created a sensory room to provide extra support to the people they work with.

The room was constructed by facilities company Amey, who also work with Darton Academy and approached the art department there for help with the project - it will be unveiled at a ceremony at the day care centre this morning.

Art curriculum leader for the academy Amie Hudson told the Chronicle: “I love a project honestly.

“When they asked if anyone wanted to help out with the creation of a mural I instantly thought that this would be a good way to engage pupils and get them involved in community enrichment activities.

“A photography competition was held to pick what would be painted with the winner chosen by BIADS patients and staff themselves.

“We then had ten pupils who would stay behind after school, using their own time to paint it all.

“We’re so proud of their work.”

The group of year 11 art students were passionate about the work, and developed the impressive mural over the course of eight weeks.

“The pupils are so excited about the whole thing,” Amie added.

“They all wanted to give something back - some have family or know people with dementia so it has been rewarding.

“It also subjected them to skills that help so much with their learning and GCSE art work.

“This is more high stakes than what they’re used to - it’s not just within one room or for marking, lots of people are going to see it.”