PLANNING permission is being sought to bring a new children’s care home - specifically for ‘vulnerable’ kids under the age of 18 - to Goldthorpe.

The plans were submitted earlier this week to change the use of a property on Rosegreave into the children’s home which will care for up to three young people.

Care will be provided 24 hours a day and up to three care staff, a manager and a deputy manager will consistently be at the site.

The applicant, Hexagon Care Services, said those who would be in the property would need a stable home environment.

A report said: “The children would indeed be vulnerable young people.

“The children will have been taken into care by the Social Services authority.

“There could be a child with particular problems, as there could be in any family dwelling house.

“There will be a maximum of three children in the house selected based on referral.

“The children would be vulnerable and need a safe, caring and stable home environment to be able to thrive.”

The report added that the children would attend school like any other child - and that all aspects of education are provided off-site to ‘protect the home environment’.

It also states that should there be any behavioural issues at the home, staff would accompany the child out of the property when they leave.

“The children would play out, or leave the home, in the same way as in a family,” it said.

“There would be a proper level of supervision because there would always be members of staff on site.

“This will become the children’s home and therefore will be treated as such, allowing the children to come and go and be a part of their wider community.

“If there are concerns over a young person’s behaviours or risk taking behaviours then they would be accompanied by a staff member when they leave the property.

“Through the applicant’s care and support planning, the staff team work alongside third parties to minimise risks and to support the young people in becoming valued members of the community.”

No neighbouring properties have been made aware of the plans.

Public consultation ends on November 28.