A QUARTER of people in Barnsley work in ‘severely unstable’ jobs, new analysis has revealed.

The figures - from The Work Foundation think-tank - show 24.9 per cent of employees in the town thought their jobs were potentially at risk.

‘Insecure work’ is defined by the think-tank as employment that is involuntarily temporary or part-time, or when multiple forms of insecurity come together, such as casual or zero-hours contracts, or low or unpredictable pay.

Rebecca Florisson, principal analyst at The Work Foundation, said: “Being trapped in insecure work isn’t just about poor pay.

“Research shows those in insecure work also experience worse health, living standards and future job prospects so it is an issue that affects all aspects of life.

“The analysis suggests just 38.7 per cent of Barnsley workers were in secure employment and a further 36.5 per cent had a moderately or low insecure job.”