A TEENAGER has been referred to the Youth Justice Service following a joint operation by Barnsley Council and South Yorkshire Police to tackle off-road bikers.

On Sunday, officers were joined by Barnsley Council wardens in the Kendray, Stairfoot and Athersley areas of the town.

The day of action included high-visibility patrols in areas that see higher numbers of off-road bike incidents, house visits to known offenders and proactive work with petrol stations to sign them up to the force’s Forecourt Watch, a dedicated operation set up to make the roads and public spaces of South Yorkshire safe and free from illegal use of motor and quad bikes.

During the patrols, officers seized an off-road bike under S59 of the Police Reform Act.

The rider, a 14-year-old boy, was referred to the Youth Justice Service.

Inspector Rebecca Richardson said: “This targeted day of action is part of the force’s wider approach to tackle antisocial behaviour following funding received from the Home Office in July last year.

“Tackling the nuisance that off-roads bikes cause to local communities, as well as wider antisocial behaviour, is a priority for us.

“These behaviours can have a real detrimental impact on people, making them feel unsafe in the areas they live in.

“We want everyone to feel safe in South Yorkshire and will continue to organise dedicated days like these to continue to tackle the issues and concerns raised to us.”