BARNSLEY’S only Conservative MP Miriam Cates is leading calls in Parliament for tougher laws to tackle illegal immigration.

Mrs Cates, who represents the Penistone and Stocksbridge constituency, is one of a group of over 50 Conservative MPs who are backing the amendments to the Safety of Rwanda Bill.

The amendments would remove the ability of European Court judges in Strasbourg to block people from being sent to Rwanda.

It would also prevent those who arrive illegally from using spurious legal claims to prevent themselves being removed.

Mrs Cates said: “We cannot allow a situation to continue where people who come to the UK illegally on these small boats are able to keep avoiding being sent to Rwanda.

“Anyone who enters that way should be quickly removed either to their home country or to a safe country like Rwanda.

“I fully support the intention to get these flights going as soon as possible, but at the moment there are too many loopholes.

“I’m working hard to close these loopholes and prevent our asylum system from being abused.

“I’m determined to do everything I can in Parliament to toughen up these laws and end the disgraceful people smuggling that’s going on in the Channel.”