A LOCAL councillor has called for more to be done to keep residents safe following concerns over ‘poorly lit’ footpaths around Penny Pie Park.

Coun Sam Christmas, who represents the Dodworth ward, raised the issue in yesterday’s full council meeting - and said it has already been raised by former councillor Peter Fielding.

Sam said the paths leading up to the Penny Pie Park footbridge are poorly lit, and believes the darkness is attracting antisocial behaviour.

He told the Chronicle: “Penny Pie Park and Pogmoor Rec should be safe and accessible.

“This would encourage residents to be active, promote a healthy lifestyle, and promote active travel - being better for the environment.

“However, this simply isn’t the case due to a bad decision by the council.

“While the bridge crossing from Pogmoor Rec to Penny Pie Park is well-lit, the paths leading to it have no lighting.

“This leaves residents feeling unsafe walking through after dark.

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“As a result, the whole purpose of the bridge is nullified as people are walking on Pogmoor Road because it has street lighting, while the surrounding darkness is attracting antisocial behaviour because of the surrounding darkness, as we have seen with graffiti, people climbing on top of the bridge, as well as damage from a fire.

“This lighting was requested by Peter Fielding during his time as Dodworth councillor, and it is still the correct option now, the council should do the right thing and ensure the paths are lit.”