BARNSLEY Football Club marked the end of LGBTQ+ History Month with a rainbow match ball - much to the delight of the Barnsley Pride co-chair Nick Cox.

The Puma-designed ball includes the rainbow and progress colours, symbolising that football is for everyone and representing the EFL’s active support for inclusion throughout the game.

It was used by all 72 football clubs across the EFL, including in the League One fixture against Derby County at Oakwell last Saturday.

Barnsley Pride co-chair Nick said: “It’s great to see the EFL and football country-wide celebrating the links with LGBTQ.

“It’s great to see the initiatives - the rainbow football, corner flags, everything that’s going to be there.

“It’s not that we want to focus on us, we want to show the inclusivity of football and celebrate the fact that we’re football fans and players united.

“It doesn’t matter what sex we are, what gender we are, we all unite behind playing football.”