PLANNING permission is being sought to build more than 160 homes on ‘safeguarded land’ in order to stop a ‘chronic failure in housing delivery’ across the town - but it doesn’t have the backing of the area’s councillors.

If approved, the properties will be built north of Hemingfield Road in Hemingfield, while a number of existing structures will be demolished to make way for the new estate.

A total of 138 neighbouring properties have been made aware of the plans - submitted by Ptarmigan Land North - with no appeals to date ahead of the public consultation’s end on March 14.

A report said: “It is clear that there has been and will continue to be a chronic and acute failure in housing delivery within Barnsley without intervention.

“This site is available, suitable and deliverable for residential development now and the release of this safeguarded land site is a logical and practicable way of helping meet market and affordable housing needs.

“This proposal delivers a residential development which would create an attractive and inclusive neighbourhood.

“The site comprises a rectangular parcel of land, located at the north of the settlement and measures 6.78 hectares.

“Hemingfield Road forms much of the western boundary and a large portion of the southern edge.

“It comprises two fields which are separated by an existing track and public right of way.”

The site has the capacity to accommodate in the region of 165 to 180 new properties, though no official figure has been provided as of yet as to how many houses they are wanting to build.

A number of pre-consultation events have been held, with a total of 51 responses being made to the plans.

The report added: “Given the size of Hemingfield, the comments received are considered to provide a robust reflection of public opinion, representing a 61 per cent response rate from those who attended the public consultation.

“It is considered that the consultation process has been successful in obtaining the views of the local community and thoroughly ensured that all members of the community have been given an opportunity to provide comment.”

Some of the key issues raised by residents include road safety, existing facilities such as schools and GPs already being stretched, disruption to the public during construction and affordable housing.

The report states that a financial contribution to local schools will be brought forward following approval.

“When considering planning applications for new homes, the availability of pupil places in local schools is a material consideration,” it added.

“The framework requires planning authorities to assess the capacity of schools when deciding planning applications.

“It is anticipated that the local authority will inform the applicant of any deficit in capacity at local schools, and request a financial contribution where appropriate to provide physical space needed to accommodate new pupil places at the local school which would serve the new housing development.”

A joint statement from the three Hoyland Milton councillors - Mick Stowe, Tim Shepherd and Robin Franklin - states: “The local plan, which allows housing development on certain land within it, has the support of the three ward councillors.

“Therefore, we do not support the application to build on land north of Hemingfield Road, because the site is designated as safeguarded land.

“The local plan says that permanent development on safeguarded land will only be allowed after a review of the local plan that proposes such development.

“That is a long way off.

“The plan itself does not address the issues that came up at the public consultation, such as highways concerns, green space location and housing density.”