TWO speech and language therapists will be taking on the Barnsley 10k to improve the support available to those with speech impediments.

Nicola Maddy and Emily Singleton will be joining the first Barnsley 10k run on June 30 where they will be raising funds for the Yorkshire-based charity Ey Up.

The charity - which is a part of the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - aims to improve local community, mental health, wellbeing and learning disability services.

Nicola told the Chronicle: “Emily is just getting back into running and she messaged me about the Barnsley 10k seeing if I wanted to join.

“It’s a new thing so she’s really excited about it.

“Since we work with Ey Up and appreciate all that they’ve done we thought it would be a nice chance to show our gratitude.”

Alongside the 10k, Nicola is also preparing to take on a marathon in October to raise funds for the British Stammering Association.

The pair have currently raised £111 for the run, just over half of their £200 goal.

“I think this is going to be a really exciting event with a great atmosphere,” Nicola added.

“We didn’t get places originally since it sold out so quickly.

“We thought we wouldn’t be able to join.

“They opened some more positions up and we managed to get a place thankfully.”