THERE was an April Fool on Facebook that Barnsley Council were going to install a ‘Barnsley Eye’ ferris wheel type structure that went over a few people’s heads (literally) as they thought it was going to be really happening.

I thought it was a lovely idea actually. But of course such posts bring all the moaners to their keyboards. ‘Barnsley council wasting money… blah blah…’

I’m sure some of them see the words ‘Barnsley Council’ and then go into automatic slagging off mode.

I’ve had my issues with the council, I’m sure everyone has, but come on, they’ve made some amazing changes to Barnsley.

I’d rather pay a bit extra in rates and live in a town that boasts the centre we now have. Not all pit towns have managed to regenerate like ours has.

Some people, I’m convinced, would have us open up all the mines again and be sprinkled in coal dust rather than advance into the future.

I might not be convinced a Dutch style tarn end roundabout is a great idea but I’m delighted that someone is coming up with possible ideas to improve us, despite all the joy-sappers. ‘It can look down on the ne’er do wells’ intimating someone about the big wheel.

Well, that’s not a situation limited to Barnsley, mate, all towns have them.

Coming out of Birmingham train station a couple of years ago I had to dodge between people standing like scarecrows off their heads on spice.

There would be plenty of lovely sights in Barnsley to see from a great height and I really do wish ‘the Eye’ would happen.

I hope those of us who want to see enhancements outnumber those who just want to grumble that the council are spending money on rubbish.

The library isn’t rubbish, Penny Pie Park in the end wasn’t rubbish, the museum and the fountains aren’t rubbish. And the Book Fest was a triumph.

But walking around Horizon school grounds with the dog in the Easter holidays just made me quite sad that while some really take pride in our town there are too many who don’t give Jack.

The school’s grass edging looked as if someone had emptied their wheely bins onto it, bottles and vapes everywhere.

Maybe kids, but I’ll wager it was grown ups who walk their big dogs there and can’t be bothered picking it up.

I’ve seen adults leave Poggy shop, rip the coverings off whatever they’ve just bought and drop them on the ground. Bus shelters shattered, fly tipping, football louts kicking the vending machines when they come off the train.

Do they teach civic pride in schools? Do people want to love where they live? Sadly those of us who have to put up with those who don’t give a toss for anyone outside their own skin and they really do bring us all down.

Such joy it was to see champion race walker Mick Barker posing with two more medals he won in the European Masters Athletics championships in Poland recently.

Mick is 85, fit as a flea and hungry for more. He’ll need a bigger trophy cabinet at this rate and good on him.

Mick was my ‘Feelgood Award’ winner at the Proud of Barnsley awards a couple of years ago because if anyone could put a smile on your face it was this terrific gent who scooped up more than his fair share of Duracell batteries when they were giving them out. Long may he continue to enjoy what god obviously put him on earth for. What a terrific guy. May his dynamo never wear out.