LOCALS attempting to fix a ‘broken’ bus system have vowed to step up their campaigning in a ‘robust’ manner.

After meeting with Stagecoach last Thursday, campaigners including Ronnie Steele wanted to ensure bosses understood the impact the axing of the 43 and 44 services had on local people.

A new South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority-commissioned service - the 33 - will replace the former service from Monday.

Ronnie told the Chronicle: “We needed to put our case directly to Stagecoach because we felt they didn’t fully appreciate the devastating effects caused by the axing of the 43 and 44 services.

“We emphasised that the many old, infirm and ‘vehicle-less’ folk on our estate, who, until last November had four buses every hour, cannot now cope, since Stagecoach withdrew all their buses on Broadway.

“We told them how it had resulted in the severing of our lifeline because we could no longer easily shop for food or attend hospital appointment.”

But the campaigners feel their pleas are falling on deaf ears, and they will continue to campaign for more money to be spent by South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard and Stagecoach.

“Our campaign group will definitely carry on pressuring Mayor Oliver Coppard to squeeze out even more in subsidies for our benefit,” he added.

“To achieve this we will soon be lobbying the incoming SYMCA appointee, responsible for distributing money for transport services.

“I can guarantee this lobbying will be of the most robust nature.

“I am utterly convinced that Stagecoach could very easily tweak the bus provision in Barnsley, in order to solve our problem, if they really had the will to do so.

“The quality of life for hundreds of our neighbours is being ruined here, and I, for one, will not rest until private greed is forced to play second fiddle to public need.”