IN only five years a young pianist has reached a masterful level thanks to his dedication and endless practice.

Joseph Lambert, 18, decided to learn piano five years ago and began training at the Real Music Centre in Wombwell.

In that time he has not slowed down, having an endless passion for music and willing to do whatever he can to improve his style.

Teacher Helen Ingham, told the Chronicle: “He literally came as a complete and utter beginner.

“In the space of five years he’s got a grade eight - people who don’t play won’t understand how impressive that is, it would normally take at least ten years to get that.

“He’s worked incredibly hard, especially through lockdown.

“That was a hard time for students, having to work without that human interaction, but Joseph kept going and would practise two hours a day.”

Helen has now nominated Joseph as student of the year for this year’s Young Champions.

“He literally does everything I ask him to,” she added.

“He’s received an unconditional offer from The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire to continue his studies.

“This is an astonishing achievement in such a short space of time and with the many distractions that young people encounter in today’s world.

“His focus and dedication is an inspiration to my younger students and I know he will embrace the opportunity open to him at Birmingham.”