A US Billboard chart-topper is set to visit Barnsley next weekend to premiere two new tracks.

New York blues rock singer-songwriter Sari Schorr will be headlining the Birdwell Venue on Saturday as part of her April UK tour.

Attendees will be some of the first people in the world to hear two tracks - Hometown Girl and Highway 69 - from her upcoming album, which is set for a worldwide release in the autumn.

Sari said: “I live life from my suitcase, living to travel the world to meet people from the great spectrum of cultures and countries.

“Despite the division and tensions we see covered daily in the news, I’ve found that travelling reminds us of how much we all have in common - we are one human race that share the same hopes and fears.

“Internationally, live music is the ever-enduring glue that unites us all together.

“It is live music fans that are keeping venues open and new music alive, so it has to be the supporters of local venues that hear my new music first.

“I am so excited to be visiting Barnsley and I’m thrilled Matt Pearce and his band will join us for a run of magical shows.

“Together we’ll deliver an unforgettable night of live music.”