A MIRACLE toddler who was born at just 23 weeks - and weighed the same as a tin of beans - returned to Barnsley Hospital this week almost two years to the day since she was discharged.

Amy Dutton, 35, who lives off Summer Lane in the town centre, found out in 2021 that she was expecting identical twin girls.

Her first few appointments at the hospital went well but she admits that at the time she didn’t know the complications having identical twins could have.

At her 22-week scan, Amy said she knew something was wrong when she looked into the nurse’s eyes.

“I was told to pack my bags and go down to St George’s Hospital in London,” she said.

“I had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome which basically meant that one baby was getting all the fluid and the other was getting none.

“It was really dangerous for both of them.

“St George’s Hospital is the only one in the country that does surgery on this - they basically told me that if it didn’t go well then both of the girls would die.

“But it was successful.”

However, after surgery Amy lost a large amount of blood - resulting in her having three blood transfusions.

“I ended up giving birth to both the girls in London at 23 weeks,” she said.

“We lost little Dotty’s heartbeat.

“It was horrific.

“The chance of survival was slim for Elsie as well.

“We were told multiple times that she might not even make it.

“One of the doctors said it was the first 23-week-old baby that she’d ever put a breathing tube into.

“She was miniscule.

“She weighed 570g - just over the weight of a tin of beans.

“She could literally fit into the palm of my hand.”

Amy stayed in London for four months with Elsie, with her husband 36-year-old Scott travelling up and down the country with their son Charlie due to work commitments.

The Ronald McDonald Charity, which offers free ‘home away from home’ accommodation to parents in hospital, were incredibly helpful for the family.

And Amy returned to Barnsley Hospital yesterday, almost two years to the day since she was allowed home with Elsie.

“I spent four months in London and then a further month at Barnsley Hospital before she was discharged,” she added.

“It’s miraculous.

“There’s a lot of babies that are born a lot later that have some issues.

“I can’t believe she’s alive, let alone where she is now.

“She’s so full of energy and life - just a really happy young girl.

“I know it might sound silly but it’s like she knows she’s been given a chance at life.”

Amy said she’s incredibly grateful for everything the doctors have done for her and her family.

“I can’t put it into words,” she said.

“Every nurse, every doctor, every surgeon - they’ve helped us so much.

“You don’t understand anything like this until you go through it.

“I’m just so grateful for everything they’ve done.

“She’s our little miracle.”