A YOUNG girl who’s had to learn to look after herself from a young age has pushed past her difficult start to support her mum and excel at school.

Annalise Sharp, 11, has been through a lot in her young life.

In 2020, during the pandemic, she lost her dad unexpectedly, and since then has had to support her mother, Laura Peasegood, whose health deteriorated as she suffers with fibromyalgia - a condition that causes chronic, widespread pain and fatigue.

“She helps a lot,” Laura told the Chronicle.

“Sometimes she has to do stuff that no child should, but she’s always helpful.

“She helps her younger sister, and gets my medication if I can’t get out of bed.

“Ever since her sister was a baby she’s helped out - if I couldn’t get up then she’d get her milk and sort everything out.”

Her support has meant the world to Laura, and despite the obvious problems the young Laithes Primary pupil has faced, she’s pushed on to find academic success - joining the school council, becoming a wellbeing and reading ambassador, and helping other children learn their times tables.

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“She’s learned to look after herself from a young age,” Laura added.

“Obviously she’s had some problems with her mental health after her dad died, but she puts that all to the side and goes in and does really well at school.”

Her teacher, Sidony Carter-Makings, said: “Annalise is one of the most hard-working children I have ever taught, she gives every 110 per cent in everything she does.

“She is my right-hand girl - I would be lost without her.”