FOR 21 years Bronia Warden has been delivering tailored exercise sessions for the elderly.

She celebrated last week with a party at Shaw Lane’s Griffin Suite - and 130 people who’d taken part in the Healthy Bones fitness groups came to show their appreciation for Bronia’s hard work.

Many have been working with her for decades and through her work Bronia has built a loyal following.

She told the Chronicle: “I did general fitness stuff from 1993, but then in 2000 my son was born.

“I came back after to train for aerobics - I showed up with a baby and people told me I’d ‘never do it’.

“But 21 years later I’m still here so I guess I proved them wrong.

“After lockdown I didn’t think I’d come back to it, but these people kept me going.

“As much as I help them, they help me - the party was about saying thank you for their support.

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“I know times are hard but they see how important it is to stay fit and active.”

Pauline Staniforth, who’s been going to Bronia’s sessions for 20 years, praised Bronia for how ‘lively and enthusiastic’ she always is.

The 77-year-old added: “At first it was something to get up for on a Monday morning after my husband died.

“Physically it’s helped me a lot, I’m still quite supple at my age.

“She adapts as time goes by, and is always listening to what doctors and healthcare professionals say.

“In each session she watches everybody, if she sees people who are struggling she’ll go up to them and help.”