BARNSLEY College students were given an ‘amazing opportunity’ to visit Parliament last month.

The students who represented the college in a Parliamentary inquiry into electric vehicles were given the chance to see the impact of their work in Westminster.

Barnsley College was one of only six schools and colleges in the country to be accepted onto the programme, launched in August 2023 to understand how the government will achieve its target of decarbonising cars and vans in the UK, and the barriers to doing so.

The group of students – Grace Clarke, Cassidy Murtagh, Robin Harris and Joseph McHale – alongside sustainability officer Sasha Beswick and learner voice advisor Sasha Foyster, were welcomed on a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Grace said: “Visiting Parliament and taking part in the activities within the Environment and Climate Change Committee has been an insightful opportunity which has increased my understanding around the process of constructing an inquiry and implementing policies which can have an effect on the future of sustainability.

“Visiting on Earth Day further emphasised the significance of the programme and having the opportunity to reflect on the committee’s report and the wider programme.”