A YOUNG girl from Hoyland Common described as a ‘superhero’ is wanting to raise awareness of a rare condition - which affects just one in 18,000 children in the UK - and show people it’s not holding her back.

Lauren Taylor, 12, was born with a rare genetic condition called Williams syndrome which is characterised by developmental delay, intellectual disability, cardiovascular disease and growth deficiency.

She was born weighing just three pounds and 12 ounces, leaving Lauren’s parents - 46-year-old Katherine and 47-year-old Paul - unsure of what the future would hold for their daughter.

But thanks to the help of the Williams Syndrome Foundation and an ‘amazing community’ of parents, carers and family members going through a similar journey, the pair say they’ve been supported over the last decade.

May is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month, and Lauren and her parents are wanting to showcase how far she has come.

Katherine told the Chronicle: “When Lauren was born we just didn’t know where to start.

“Even now when we’re at medical appointments a lot of the staff don’t know a lot about it.

“The Williams Syndrome Foundation have been really good and they provide us with so much support.

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“We’ve got a lovely Yorkshire group with parents in similar positions and we meet up every few months.

“A lot of the other children are younger and so Lauren is like the mother hen - they just gravitate towards her.

“She just beams and helps everyone that she can.

“It’s so important to raise awareness because a lot of people aren’t aware of her condition - it can happen in any pregnancy.

“We’ve been able to spread awareness and it’s been amazing how many people we’ve been able to reach.”

Despite the various challenges Lauren still continues to face and overcome in her every day life, Lauren has become a superhero to her family - making her a real life ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

Katherine said that Lauren’s friendly nature and fearlessness when interacting with others make her a unique and endearing young lady.

Last September Lauren commenced high school at Greenacre School, in Kingstone, and she’s taken it in her stride.

The school held a special superhero day last week, and Lauren decided she wanted to dress as Wonder Woman - and that’s exactly what she is.

“Lauren makes us so proud each day,” Katherine said.

“She has her own very unique personality and pure joy for life.

“Each year Lauren amazes us with her development - although she’s 12 she has a mental age of child of six.

“Many of life’s key milestones can be overlooked but we grasp and praise each achievement which Lauren has made.

“Children and adults with Williams syndrome have a real affinity for music and dance and Lauren has an amazing super power for learning music from the 1980s.”

Over the year Lauren and her dad have worked tirelessly to raise more than £5,000 for the Williams Syndrome Foundation - and she’s hoping to raise even more in the future.

She’s even turned into somewhat of a celebrity, making appearances on ITV’s This Morning and being a special guest on her tricycle ahead of the men’s race of the Tour de Yorkshire.

Katherine said: “Paul and his friends have done walks and he did the Yorkshire Tough Mudder challenge.

“Lauren did her own version called Mini Mudder and she managed to raise £500.

“The group are always trying to raise money for the foundation through raffles and race nights.

“We’re just so proud of her - she’s been a miracle from the moment she was born.

“She just brings so much joy to people - everyone adores her.

“We couldn’t ask for anything more.”