KINDNESS is the secret to a long life according to one Cudworth resident celebrating her 100th birthday.

Sadie Bonds celebrated her centenary last Friday, alongside close friends and family.

The regular churchgoer, who’s made friends with countless members of her local congregation, enjoyed the celebrations at her home where she lives with her son and full-time carer Adrian.

He told the Chronicle: “It all went pretty good.

“We didn’t have the full extended family around, just close family and her friends from the church.

“She’s had a rough time over the last four months she fell in the bathroom and fractured her pelvis.

“She was in hospital and then in a care home, but she’s been back for about a month now.

“Now she’s got to use a Zimmer frame, which is relatively new for her.”

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Sadie has remained pretty independent throughout her life, however these new mobility issues are causing her and Adrian some difficulty as she adjusts to needing more support.

Nevertheless, the woman who’s seen the reign of 22 Prime Ministers enjoyed her party surrounded by those closest to her.

But what’s the secret to such a long life?

According to Sadie, it’s ‘just hard work and being good to other people’.