A YOUNG businesswoman has been using her fame on social media as well as the reputation she earned from her victory at this year’s Miss British Isles to build up a new clothing line.

Isabella Fleur, from Darfield, took home the crown at the prestigious Miss British Isles modelling competition back in April - making her modelling dream come true on her first attempt.

Thanks to this - as well as her 320,000 followers on TikTok and 23,400 on Instagram - the 18-year-old is now using her skills and reputation to develop the new clothing business For The Plot.

While originally created by her friend Ava Scattergood, Isabella has taken on a major role in the business, not only providing marketing but also designs and suggestions for new products.

She told the Chronicle: “One of my friends had started the clothing line but needed help promoting it.

“So I did a collaboration with them and within the first day of promoting it they’d sold out, so obviously they wanted us to do more.

“We worked together and me and Ava came up with our own design for a tracksuit, which launched on the weekend of Miss British Isles - it was amazing when it came out because it was all happening together.

“That gave me a good platform to build off, and I got to use the competition success on TikTok and tell everyone ‘Miss British Isles is supporting For The Plot Clothing’.

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“It’s been really good and seeing people wearing it now while I’m out is so weird, but I love it.”

Isabella hopes to make the brand accessible and open to all, providing more comfortable and fitting women’s clothing than she’s used to seeing.

“I love Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing and stuff like that, so it would be a dream if it could become as big as that,” she added.

“But I just want everyone to be able to wear it and just to be comfy I feel like nowadays it can be so hard to get the right size.

“With some clothing lines when you go it’ll say it’s size four, but then it’ll be massive so you end up thinking ‘what is this?’

“I wear men’s clothes, I’m not ashamed to say it - I find them comfier and some of them are cooler.

“And that’s the idea with our brand, we offer our tracksuits in black, white and pink so anyone can wear it if they want.

“We want to start bringing some t-shirts out as well and some other things, so it’ll be more generic and available for everyone.

“So that’s the aim, to make it inclusive to everybody and make sure there’s something for everyone really.”