LESS than 100 antisocial behaviour incidents were recorded in the town centre over the latest three-month period, according to the council.

Barnsley Council’s latest performance report shows that that two per cent of the workforce are apprentices - above the initial target.

Whilst more than 173,000 in-person and online visits have been made to libraries over the last quarter, surpassing the target.

Only 85 antisocial behaviour incidents were recorded in the same time frame, against a target of 125.

The latest performance report also identified areas where more work is needed.

The recycling rate of households was 41.17 per cent, which is lower than the target of 45 per cent.

However, this is a significant improvement from last year’s rate of 32.8 per cent, reflecting the effectiveness of our ongoing efforts to enhance recycling processes and data accuracy.

Wendy Popplewell, executive director for core services, said: “We have bold ambitions for what we want to achieve as a council and the communities we serve.

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“Surpassing our apprenticeship targets reflects our dedication to fostering local talent and supporting our workforce to be innovative and brave.

“While we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to addressing areas where improvement is needed, such as our household recycling rates to make sure that we protect our borough for future generations.

“Our latest performance report highlights the fantastic progress we’re making towards our vision for the borough, which is a testament to the continued hard work of our employees with the support of our partners and you, our communities.”