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Young Champions - the results
THE winners of this year's Young Champions Awards have been revealed - here's how they were announced last night.  Young Fundraiser - The nominees are… Lewis Atchison Lewis, seven, will be competing in a ‘Total Warrior’ obstacle course to raise money for the charity FNDAction after his mum Emma was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in August. Adam Gill Nine-year-old Adam ran 50km to raise money for Sports Relief. Last year he swam ten miles...
Personal experience helps Beth supporting children in care
A YOUNG woman who is passionate about supporting young people who are in care has been commended for her volunteering. Beth Goodliffe, 22, of Keswick Road, Staincross, volunteers with several organisations that support people who are in care or reaching adult age and leaving care. She also volunteers for an organisation which campaigns to reduce the stigma around mental health. Over the last two years Beth has been part of the Children in Care Council,...
Maths ace nominated by Barnsley Academy teachers after national success
A YOUNG mathematician who was recognised nationally for her ability has been nominated for a Young Champions award. Karina Bryant, 14, of Gerald Walk, came top of the maths category last year in the United Learning’s National Best in Everyone Secondary Awards. The Barnsley Academy pupil was nominated by her teachers for her commitment to maths and for her enthusiasm to take on increasingly difficult challenges. She beat hundreds of applicants to come first and...
Emma noted for launching ‘small dance school with big ambitions’
A YOUNG WOMAN who took over a dance school at 20 years old has been commended for her teaching. Emma Ledger, 21, of Pogmoor, Barnsley, was asked to take over Lisa Jones school of Dance, based in Darton, which she was a member of from being three years old. Eager to ensure the dancers at Lisa Jones’ can perform to the best of their ability, she took over the school in April last year and...

Young Champions is no longer accepting entries

WELCOME to the Barnsley Young Champions awards - the awards have been launched to recognise the contribution, excellence and inspiration of young people who live, work and learn among us everyday.

We want to celebrate the exceptional achievements and efforts of some of the younger members of our community who have already made their mark on society.

The awards will reward our rising stars, of any age up to and including the age of 21, who are shining in the fields of care, fundraising, volunteering, sport and many more.

SOON after I was first elected as the MP for Barnsley Central, I worked with the Barnsley Chronicle to set up the Proud of Barnsley Awards. I believe it is very important that we come together and celebrate everything that is great about our town.

That is why I am proud to be supporting the Barnsley Young Champions awards.

When we think about role models, we often think of important historical figures and people from our past. But there are young members of our community who have already made a positive impact and they are some of the most important role models our town has to offer.

Tala Lee Turton recently became only the third British person to graduate from the elite Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Holly Tandy has impressed millions with her performances on the X-Factor. Ali Khosravi and Brandon Green both represented our town with distinction in the Youth Parliament debate in the House of Commons this year. And the exceptional members of our Barnsley Youth Choir have performed on the international stage and won huge prestige and a number of awards along the way.

Far too often we hear the talent and ambition of our young people being talked down.

But I am always struck by the enthusiasm and zest for life that our young people display; the ambition to make the most of the opportunities which come their way.

We all have a responsibility to encourage those aspirations. The hopes and dreams of the next generation are incredibly precious and we should never take them for granted. We have to inspire them to realise those ambitions as well as celebrating the contribution they have already made.

Most of all, we have to make sure our young people are proud of where they come from. Growing up in Barnsley and in Yorkshire should be a badge of honour.

I look forward to our town coming together to celebrate the achievements of our fantastic young people at the Barnsley Young Champions awards.

- Dan Jarvis - MP for Barnsley Central



Young Fundraiser

This award will go to a young person who has put others before themselves to raise money for a charity or worthy cause. The amount isn’t important – the determination is...

Young Apprentice

An award open to young apprentices who have been working with Barnsley College to give themselves a flying start in their chosen careers.

Young Community Hero

An award to reflect the valuable – often overlooked – role young people play in community life. They will be a role model for young people to follow. In short, they’ll be doing something that helps make a difference.

Young Musician

This award could be given to an accomplished classical guitarist – or to the lead guitarist in a heavy metal tribute band or anyone in between. The important thing is that the recipient will be enjoying making the most of their musical talents.

Young Adventurer

An award for a young person who is going out and having their eyes opened to the wide world out there.

Student of the Year

Someone who is working hard and achieving great things in their studies.

Young Volunteer

A young person who gives their time freely to help out at, for example, a community group or organisation.

Young Entrepreneur

This award will go to someone with an eye for business and a determination to succeed.

Special Achievement

A standout young person who may not fit into any of the other Young Champions categories but is leading by example and being an inspiration to others.

Young Carer

This award could be won by someone who is caring for a relative or helping out at a care home in their spare time. The most important thing is that they are putting others first.

Young Sportsperson

Presented to someone who shows outstanding ability in a particular sport which doesn’t have to be mainstream.

Young Conqueror

This award will go to a very deserving young person who is managing to overcome all the obstacles life has thrown at them. This could be illness or disability. But their determination to succeed will shine though.

Young Sports Team of the Year

A team whose togetherness, team spirit and desire to win sets them apart.

Young Team of the Year (Community)

These may be pupils at a school who have given their time to raise money for a worthy cause, help out at a charity or organise a neighbourhood clean-up.

Young Team of the Year (Entertainment)

A group made up of young people who might sing, dance or act. They’ll love what they do and their performances will clearly demonstrate this.