STUDENTS at a Barnsley school designed posters as part of a campaign to tackle bullying.

Pupils at Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth Grange took part in various activities, workshops and challenges, one of which was to design an anti-bullying poster.

Learning manager James Hoyland chose one winner from every year group who each received a £5 gift voucher. They were Cadie Wraith, Lilly Todd, Layla Benson, Evie Lunn, Lacey Skelly and Isobel Garrity.

James said it was important for children to be aware of bullies and bullying.

He said: “The posters were to raise awareness of bullying, about what you would do if you saw an incident of bullying and how you’d deal with it.

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“It’s so important that children are aware. When it happens, it is dealt with very seriously. But it is a word that is thrown about quite casually sometimes.

“We wanted children to know that if bullying is happening, then it needs reporting. But if children fall out on the playground, it’s not always bullying.”