A GROUP of locals recently took a trip to Africa where they donated nearly £5,000 to desperate schoolchildren.

The four locals - Carol Higgins, Sandra Noseworthy, Ian Slater and Lyne Drewer - flew over to the village of Kyajubira on February 7 for two weeks to supporters the charity Africa With Love, which has built schools in the village.

More than 30 children there are sponsored by people in Barnsley, and supporters make regular visits to donate funds and gifts.

Carol, who is a long-time supporter, told the Chronicle: “It went very very well.

“It’s good to see the children again and they’re always glad to see us because they don’t get many visitors.”

The money they collected will be used for essential items the village needs, including 25 new mattresses, five new bunk beds, heavy duty bins and a new outside toilet.

“We’re really well supported by people in Barnsley,” Carol added.

“We try to spend the money wisely and give feedback on what we’re doing to the people who’ve contributed.”