A BARNSLEY woman was excited to be told that her late husband’s war memorabilia should be in a museum.

Joan Teal, of Cannons Way, Monk Bretton, was visited by a member of the RAF museum who examined all of the war relics that her husband, Albert Teal, had collected during his service in the Second World War.

Despite a number of items being stolen 30 years previously while the pair were on holiday abroad, there is still a vast array of items that Joan has kept, and will continue to keep - she cannot bring herself to let them go just yet.

They include a flight log book from when Albert was a pilot in the war documenting where he went, a diploma certificate from when he passed his American wings, a defence medal, which was presented for non-operational service in the Armed Forces, a peace dollar which was awarded to pilots who had been trained to fly planes capable of landing on sea and photographs of him when he was a sergeant pilot in Egypt.

“When the gentleman from the RAF came and had a look he said it was quite valuable, and it excited me a bit. It was lovely to hear that,” said Joan.

“He said that it should be in a museum but I want to keep it a bit longer and I spoke to my daughter and she said she’d like to keep it for a while too.”