A COMMUNITY centre is being terrorised by ghostly goings-on during the bingo as a haunting voice keeps taking over the speakers used to call the numbers - and no one can work out why.

The Darby and Joan Club which meets every week at Darfield Community Centre on Illsley Road has been a stalwart for local people who want to get together to chat, have a cuppa and play games.

The club opens it doors to anyone - but recently, a rather unwelcome guest has been turning up, as a wailing voice takes over the speakers used to call the bingo numbers and play music.

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Christine Baker, 70, who runs the sessions along with husband David, said there has been talk of paranormal activity - but it’s more than likely someone messing around with a radio nearby.

“It sounds like a man singing, but nobody can work out what it is or what song he’s singing,” said Christine.

“My husband got the blame at first, people thought he was acting silly. But sometimes he hasn’t even been in the room at the time.

“It must be somebody on the same frequency as our microphones. He does a lot of yelling and shouting, like he’s practising for a concert.

“Last week he must have dropped something, because he swore really loudly. What would that have been like if there were kids here?”

A recording sent to the Chronicle confirms the spooky happenings, as a loud man’s voice wails over the speakers set up at the community centre.

Christine, of Nanny Marr Road, Darfield, said the voice had been causing disruption to the sessions and had meant the group had to postpone bingo on several occasions.

“It gets a bit annoying, we have to keep turning the speakers off,” she added.

“It’s very strange. I recorded it and let a few people listen but no one can work it out.

“We’re just putting up with it for now.”

Listen for yourself here.