STUDENTS from Barnsley College are raising funds by making over volunteers for an art and drag show.

Drag it Art, which takes place on October 11 at the Metrodome, is a collaboration of top drag queens and cabaret acts, music from BA Funk and a camp disco.

To raise money for Barnsley Hospice, drag queens will work with local students to makeover six volunteers and turn them into drag queens.

Raychel McGuin, the event organiser, said: “I am so grateful to the people who have supported so far.

“I could have chosen to do any kind of event, but I decided to go big. As a body painter I wanted to involve the amazing artists that I work with from The Midlands Bodypaint Project.

“To add to the glitz and glamour I decided to incorporate drag queens.”

Raychel is looking for six volunteers for the makeover which will help raise money for the hospice.

Information about getting involved is found on the Drag it Art Facebook page.