THE MP for Barnsley East Stephanie Peacock and MP for Barnsley Dan Jarvis met with the trustees of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme in Parliament to continue their campaign on addressing the ‘gross injustice’ of the scheme.

Ms Peacock and Mr Jarvis met with the trustees of the scheme and the shadow chancellor to discuss various issues surrounding the scheme, including the surplus sharing arrangement and bonus element of the pensions.

They discussed the next steps in the campaign to amend the scheme and put more money in the pockets of retired miners.

Ms Peacock and Mr Jarvis further met with Labour’s economy chief John McDonnell MP, who labelled the scheme a ‘gross injustice’.

Along with the other Labour MPs present, Stephanie secured a commitment from the shadow chancellor to work alongside her in pressing the government to make amendments.

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The local MP, along with Mr Jarvis, has long campaigned on the issue, and called for a change to the surplus sharing arrangement of the scheme amongst other alterations.

Agreed in 1994, the surplus sharing element sees the government entitled to 50 per cent of any surplus made by the scheme.

The agreement has seen the government pocket more than £4bn from the scheme since but as of now has not paid a single penny into the scheme.

“The current arrangements of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme are a rank injustice that have seen billions earned by miners funnelled into the coffers of the government,” said Stephanie.

“It’s simply unfair and unacceptable that miners who toiled for years are left to get by on measly pensions whilst the government continues to take money from the mineworkers’ pension pot without paying a penny in.

“Securing a commitment from the opposition to up the pressure on the government over this issue and working alongside the rustees of the Sccheme are vital steps to securing much needed changes and putting more money in the pockets of retired miners and their families.”

Mr Jarvis added: “A group of coalfield MPs had a very productive meeting with John McDonnell and representatives from the NUM to discuss the deeply unfair Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme surplus-sharing arrangements.

“I welcome the fact that Labour have committed to holding an independent review of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme should we win the next election. This is further evidence of what we’ve always known: Labour stand up for coalfield communities; whilst the Tories continually let them down.

“As the MP for a community built on coal, I will always stand up for the welfare of retired miners and their families.”