Oliver Rowland believes he is coming into his peak years and is targeting the Formula E title this season as he prepares for the third race of the calendar in Santiago, Chile. 

The 27-year-old from Penistone finished fourth and fifth in the first two races in Saudi Arabia in November, which leaves him fourth overall in the standings for the 14-stage championship which runs until July.  Rowland finished tenth last season, which was his first in Formula E, and he is hoping to be a lot higher by the time the calendar finishes with two events in London.

He said: “The aim is to be competing for the championship and the ultimate dream would be to be on top of the final podium in London next summer with the trophy in my hands.  “But there is a long way to go until then.  I am much more prepared this season for the challenge ahead. Mentally it’s a lot different because, last season, I had so much to learn and, even though I am still learning now, it is just the small details that make the difference.  I am coming into my peak years. I have still got a lot of speed but, at my age, I am more mature and have a decent amount of experience.  I would say I am pretty much at my optimum level now.  “But I think I probably have a good ten years left in the sport.” 

Rowland used to be a test driver for Formula One team Williams but is pleased he moved to the electric car championship.  He said: “You can see by the people who are getting involved in Formula E now that it is the place to be. Formula One is a bit of a mess at the moment and I am not missing being in that side of the sport.”

Rowland is set to compete in Chile in the event which is due to be shown live on the BBC website, red button and iPlayer with practice starting at 10.55am and the race at 6pm.  

He said: "They have changed the track from last year so it will be a different challenge for us all.  “Last year it was 40 degrees and we are expecting the same heat again. Battery temperature will be a big issue and we will all have to manage that throughout the race. Now I am near the front of the Championship, I have to go in the first group of qualifying which is a disadvantage because you race on a dirty track then, by the time the later groups go, it is a cleaner tack and a lot easier to do fast times.  

"That means that the people lower in the championship have an advantage so it should be an even season.  A lot of teams have very good cars this season so, in theory, the best driver and the person who holds their nerve the best will come out on top at the end. I know my car is decent and it looks very promising for this season.” 

Rowland was pleased with his performance in Saudi Arabia.  He said: “Qualifying was disappointing, including hitting the wall and having a broken car for the first session. But I still managed to get some good results and it was a good start.”