AN EVEN and entertaining display in this early afternoon South Yorkshire derby saw both sides come away with a deserved point.

An early strike from Josh Windass was cancelled out by Cauley Woodrow, who picked up on a mistake by Sheffield Wednesday's goalkeeper to score into an open net from almost 40 yards.

Luke Thomas had half a chance on the 4th minute, seizing on a loose ball won by Elliot Simoes from a corner and taking a shot from the edge of the box which hit the defender’s legs.

The Reds had a couple of half-chances from there, a quick free kick by Alex Mowatt collected by Cameron Dawson before it could reach Jacob Brown and then some good passing from Thomas and Conor Chaplin breaking down before it could reach the penalty area.

Windass then fired past Brad Collins at his near post on 16 minutes for his first Wednesday goal.

The midfielder picked up the ball inside the box after Thomas’ challenge on Alessio Da Cruz rebounded off of Mads Andersen’s feet and saw him with time to find the bottom right of the goal.

Barnsley pressed after the goal and forced some wayward clearances out of Dawson, one of which saw the home side get themselves back into the contest.Dawson attempted to play the ball out from the left of his goal but misjudged it horribly, passing it straight to Woodrow who, from almost 40 yards, found the open net with his right-footed drive.

A free kick on the 34-minute mark after Joey Pelupessy fouled Thomas saw Clarke Oduor play the ball into the box from the centre circle, Conor Chaplin chesting it before swivelling to drive towards goal.

Dawson, now sporting a cap due to the low winter sun, collected it fairly comfortably.

Four minutes later, a corner – won by some fine work on the right by Jordan Williams to collect a Woodrow through pass – fell to Thomas on the edge of the box, but the midfielder hesitated and the ball broke to Brown, who swung a wild boot at it to send it past the far post.

Brown then forced a good save by Dawson on the 41-minute mark after getting a bit of luck to dribble into the box from the right and fire the ball at the keeper’s feet.After the break, the Reds threatened with a few crosses which didn’t lead to shots on goal, first from Chaplin who could only find Dawson in the 54th minute and then Woodrow in the 66th, who hit his ball over the head of Chaplin.

The visitors had a more direct threat, Forestieri – who was quiet in the first half – finding Da Cruz on the far post after some good footwork to beat Williams, who side-footed his effort wide of the post.

Da Cruz then received the ball in a similar position the right side, and crossed for Wickham – the forward finding some space in the box but heading over the bar.

Simoes then produced some good footwork in the box to ride a couple of challenges, before the ball broke out to Williams on the right who crossed for the young midfielder. But he couldn’t get a clean contact on his strike.

Second half substitute Callum Styles looked bright when he came on for Luke Thomas, and he produced a fine left-footed strike after a lay-off from Woodrow on the edge of the box. Dawson collected fairly comfortably.

The Reds then battered the Wednesday defence with crosses, Jordan Williams first getting a chance to strike from a tight angle on the right and then cross for Woodrow, but the forward was called offside.

Styles then collected a punch from Dawson and, as the keeper advanced to clear the ball, was wrong-footed by some clever dribbling. The midfielder couldn’t get a shot off, though.

In the 85th minute, there were a number of penalty shouts as Styles was barged to the ground on the edge of the box, but the referee – who had been busy throughout – waved away the protests.

Jacob Murphy dribbled into the Reds' box a minute later, but was stopped by some good defending from Oduor and Williams could clear into the East Stand.

  • 13:35pm
    3 Some early pressure down the right leads to a throw-in and then a corner for the Reds. Clarke Oduor to take.
  • 13:36pm
    4 Elliot Simoes can't get to a loose ball in the box and it rolls out to Luke Thomas, who takes a touch before rattling a shot into the defender's legs.
  • 13:36pm
    5 There's a break in play as Liam Palmer goes down. He's helped off the pitch.
  • 13:39pm
    7 Cauley Woodrow goes down on the left and Alex Mowatt sees the chance for a quick free kick over the top, but Jacob Brown's run takes him too far wide and it's collected by Cameron Dawson. No real chances for either side so far.
  • 13:41pm
    9 Elliot Simoes does well to get around Dominic Iorfa and sprint up the pitch, but the Wednesday full back is quicker and can challenge the young midfielder, putting the ball out for a throw.
  • 13:44pm
    12 A couple of loose passes in midfield see Cauley Woodrow win the ball well with a sliding challenge, and then Elliot Simoes body-checked for a free kick. Clarke Oduor plays it into the box, but it's dealt with easily enough by the Wednesday defence.
  • 13:46pm
    14 Jacob Brown releases Luke Thomas who runs through the middle of the opponents' half and plays a good through pass to Conor Chaplin, but the forward attempts a return pass that doesn't come off. It looked the harder thing to do when he could've run with the ball.
  • 13:48pm
    16 Josh Windass fires past Brad Collins at his near post
  • 13:51pm
    20 Barnsley were pressing higher in the opening 15 minutes but since the goal they've been pinned back by a confident Wednesday side.
  • 13:53pm
    21 Elliot Simoes dispossesses Dominic Iorfa with a good sliding tackle, but his next touch is a wayward cross that hits Tom Lees with Jacob Brown waiting in the middle.
  • 13:55pm
    23 Alex Mowatt believes he was fouled after that half-chance, but the ref says no. He does, however, then blow his whistle for a foul by Connor Wickham on Jordan Williams on the right. Clarke Oduor takes but it's easily defended.
  • 13:56pm
    24 Cauley Woodrow picks up on a stray clearance by Cameron Dawson and fires into an open net.
  • 14:00pm
    28 Barnsley continue to pile on the pressure, hoping to force another mistake like the one that let Cauley Woodrow net from almost 40 yards. An even contest so far.
  • 14:01pm
    29 Dominic Iorfa with a bad foul on Elliot SImoes as the midfielder looked to break down the right. It draws a big reaction from the fans, but the referee keeps his cards in his pocket.
  • 14:06pm
    34 A few bad challenges in the last few minutes, the latest from Joey Pelupessy on Luke Thomas in the centre of the park. Clarke Oduor's delivery into the box is good and Conor Chaplin can swivel and shoot - but it's straight at Cameron Dawson.
  • 14:08pm
    35 Some pressure from Cauley Woodrow down the right sees Tom Lees fire the ball out of play. The Reds can't do much with the throw and the visitors get a throw-in of their own.
  • 14:09pm
    37 Cauley Woodrow picks the ball up in midfield and plays a through pass to Jordan Williams, who bombs down the right wing to collect and win a corner from his deflected cross.
  • 14:09pm
    38 Jacob Brown picks the ball up and releases it to Luke Thomas, but the midfielder dwells on the ball and can't get a shot away. It rolls back to Brown who swings a wild boot at it, sending it past the far post.
  • 14:12pm
    40 Cameron Dawson has put a cap on after a break in play. Perhaps the reason for his wayward kicking.
  • 14:12pm
    41 Jacob Brown dribbles into the box, getting a bit lucky to power past the defender, forcing a good save from the feet of Cameron Dawson.
  • 14:14pm
    42 Connor Wickham breaks down the right and knocks it past Mads Andersen, whose lack of strength is clear to see as he bounces off of the forward three times. Wickham squares the ball but it's cleared by Alex Mowatt.
  • 14:16pm
    44 Brad Collins with a big kick upfield for Jacob Brown to chase, but the forward tries a hasty cross that flies over the bar.
  • 14:17pm
    3 minutes added time
  • 14:19pm
    45+2 A Barry Bannan free kick from deep on the right is cleared by Clarke Oduor, but as the ball comes back out it allows Josh Windass to break on the right. He's stopped by a good challenge from Alex Mowatt.
  • 14:20pm
    HALF-TIME: Barnsley 1, Sheffield Wednesday 1.
  • 14:37pm
  • 14:38pm
    46 Brad Collins now seemingly has the sun in his eyes and shanks a clearance wide. Difficult conditions for the keeper facing the Ponty End.
  • 14:39pm
    47 Jacob Brown forces an early corner as his low cross comes off Cameron Dawson and goes out to the left of goal. Clarke Oduor plays it low to Conor Chaplin, whose effort on goal is high and wide.
  • 14:40pm
    48 Barry Bannan dribbles past Jordan Williams after the full-back's poor clearance and plays it across goal, but Alex Mowatt is there to clear.
  • 14:44pm
    53 Wednesday win a corner on the right which Fernando Forestieri very nearly gets his foot to, but it's dealt with by the Reds defence.
  • 14:45pm
    54 Barnsley break up the pitch and Jacob Brown finds Conor Chaplin on the left of goal. The forward fires it across goal, but it's collected by Cameron Dawson.
  • 14:46pm
    54 Some good dribbling by Fernando Forestieri to work some space in the box but the ball is won well by Luke Thomas, who then goes down under the Wednesday midfielder's challenge in the box. Free kick.
  • 14:47pm
    56 Josh Windass collects Dominic Iorfa's pass on the right as the full-back charges forward, but Windass is marshalled out of play by Mads Andersen.
  • 14:53pm
    61 Wednesday are spending a lot of time attacking the left of Barnsley's defence, but Clarke Oduor and Mads Andersen are doing well to negate any opportunities. Barnsley break up the same side of the pitch and win a corner, but it's cleared.
  • 14:53pm
    62 Brad Collins, in his first real involvement in the match, scoops a clearance up in the air and nearly costs his side, but Alex Mowatt is there to recover.
  • 14:54pm
    62 Luke Thomas
  • 14:54pm
    SUB ON
    62 Callum Styles
  • 14:55pm
    63 Some great work by Fernando Forestieri to find Alessio Da Cruz on the far post from the left. The winger produces a side-footed effort that creeps past the post.
  • 14:56pm
    64 Alessio Da Cruz crosses from the right and it's headed over by Connor Wickham, who had lost his man in the centre of the box.
  • 14:57pm
    66 Cauley Woodrow collects Brad Collins' goal kick and has time to cross the ball on the right, but it's over the head of Conor Chaplin.
  • 14:57pm
    66 Joey Pelupessy
  • 14:58pm
    SUB ON
    66 Kieran Lee
  • 14:59pm
    68 Conor Chaplin
  • 14:59pm
    SUB ON
    68 Mike Bahre
  • 15:02pm
    70 Some good work on the right from Mike Bahre wins a throw. Clarke Oduor takes it, and then gets a chance to deliver the ball after beating Dominic Iorfa, but his cross is wayward.
  • 15:02pm
    71 Fernando Forestieri
  • 15:02pm
    SUB ON
    71 Jacob Murphy
  • 15:04pm
    72 Elliot Simoes does well to ride a couple of challenges and work his way into the box, rolling the ball back to Cauley Woodrow whose shot is blocked. Jordan Williams gets it on the right and fires it across goal, but Simoes can't get a proper contact on the ball.
  • 15:08pm
    76 Cauley Woodrow does well to find Callum Styles, who takes a touch before letting off a low drive from long range. It's collected by Cameron Dawson in the centre of the goal.
  • 15:09pm
    78 Jacob Murphy takes a corner for the visitors from the left. It's headed away by Mads Andersen at the near post for another, which is cleared up the pitch.
  • 15:11pm
    80 Connor Wickham
  • 15:11pm
    SUB ON
    80 Atdhe Nuhiu
  • 15:15pm
    82 A number of chances in quick succession for the Reds. Jacob Brown beats Dominic Iorfa on the left, as does Clarke Oduor, who plays it across goal to Jordan Williams. The full back's shot is blocked, and he then gets a second chance to cross but Cauley Woodrow is judged to be offside as he stretches to reach
  • 15:15pm
    80 Callum Styles
  • 15:15pm
    82 Elliot Simoes
  • 15:15pm
    SUB ON
    82 Patrick Schmidt
  • 15:17pm
    85 Callum Styles capitalises on a loose punch from Cameron Dawson, who then carries on out of his net to try and clear. Styles takes him on on the edge of the box, but can't get a shot off.
  • 15:18pm
    86 Wednesday go up the other end with Jacob Murphy dribbling into the box. He's tackled by Clarke Oduor and Jordan Williams can hoof it into the East Stand.
  • 15:22pm
    87 Alessio Da Cruz
  • 15:23pm
    3 minutes added time
  • 15:24pm
    90+2 Julian Borner fires over from a corner taken by Jacob Murphy on the left.
  • 15:25pm
    90+3 The Reds get a free kick as the ball is cleared. Alex Mowatt takes from a central position about 40 yards out but it's collected by Cameron Dawson.
  • 15:25pm
    FULL-TIME: Barnsley 1, Sheffield Wednesday 1.