A POST Office given a temporary stay of execution earlier this year is now expected to close, despite locals’ fierce objections.

Campaigners in Wombwell were relieved when their calls to keep the town’s branch, located in Heron Foods on High Street, were heard in July - after the discount food retailer said it would be shutting the service the month prior.

A temporary postmaster was employed to maintain services, while an alternative was found. But Heron is now pulling out of the arrangement, citing a need to extend its retail range, according to Post Office.

A spokesperson said: “The operator for Wombwell Post Office resigned earlier this year, however, we were allowed to stay at the existing Heron Foods location for a limited amount of time with a temporary postmaster operating the branch.

“This has allowed us to maintain Post Office services throughout the busiest time of the year. Heron Foods has now asked us to vacate the premises to allow extra space for the retail range to be developed.”

The branch is expected to close next month, but the firm said it would be looking at ways to continue serving Wombwell.

“The vacancy is advertised on runapostoffice.co.uk,” added the spokesperson. “In the interim, alternative branches will include Brampton and Jump.”

Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock, who fought the closure alongside local councillors, called the news ‘incredibly concerning’.

She added: “Local Post Office services are so important for residents in our community, and several other branches have already closed in recent times.

“I have contacted the Post Office to ask them for more information, and to put forward my concerns about the impact any closure will have.

“In particular, I have asked them to outline what plans they are putting in place to maintain post office services in Wombwell, so that local residents can continue to access these vital services at this incredibly difficult time.”