AN ill youngster has beat the odds to raise more than £700 for the hospital that cared for him after running more than 52 kilometres - despite having an urgent operation a month prior.

Oliver Hobson, from Royston, has received ongoing treatment from Sheffield Children’s Hospital since birth due to difficulties with his stomach.

The nine-year-old has been in the care of gastroenterology and growth and development teams for several years.

In September, Oliver was taken to the hospital following complications with his bowels which led to urgent surgery.

He spent almost a week at Sheffield Children’s Hospital where the teams cared for him and helped with his recovery.

Debbie Hobson, Oliver’s mum, has said that Oliver was eager to give back to those who helped him when he was ill.

He told the Chronicle: “Sheffield Children’s Hospital has been there for us during our toughest times and Oliver was really inspired to give something back.

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“Almost every single week the teams call us up for updates about his welfare which means so much to us.

“After he was discharged, he started thinking of ways he could fundraise. He’s full of energy and is also quite keen on exercising.

“After his operation, his fitness levels were lower than usual so we weren’t sure whether he’d be able to take on such a huge challenge.

“Once we heard about the hospital’s Glow Run initiative, we knew it was the right fit.”

Oliver took part in Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s Glow Run initiative where he was joined by his family.

“We were advised by doctors that keeping active would be good for Oliver so we started as soon as he was able to.

“Since October, he has been running with his sister and I around his local area and we’ve been having so much fun.

“We have donned on glow things whilst we’re running so we really stand out.

“So far, Oliver has ran 52 kilometres in total. He’s starting to struggle now because of his illness so we’ve shortened the distance.

“But he’s been so determined to run as long as possible. He’s been amazing.”

Debbie set up an online fundraiser in the hope that people would support Oliver on his run - with all proceeds donated to the hospital.

“I set Oliver’s initial fundraising goal at £50 because times are tough for everyone and I didn’t know what to expect.

“Before long we had raised ten times our goal which we couldn’t believe. It was so unexpected.

“At the moment, Oliver has raised more than £700 for the hospital. We’re all so proud of him and he amazes us every single day.

“Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a cause close to our heart and Oliver will continue to love life and jump headfirst into any experience.”

To donate to Oliver’s fundraiser, visit the Barnsley Hospital website.