THE family of a mum who died just a month after giving birth to her second child following a cancer diagnosis hope her tragic story will support local charities praised for making her final days special.

Hannah Wilson, from Tankersley, died last Sunday after a late cancer diagnosis which she found out one week before giving birth to her daughter Sadie.

The 41-year-old mum leaves behind the eight-week-old, her 22-month-old son Jude and husband Andrew who she was with for ten years.

The pair got married in a Jessops Hospital room, in Sheffield, after booking the marriage in less than 24 hours.

She was moved to Barnsley Hospice to spend her final days with her loved ones.

Hannah gave birth to Sadie on March 4 of this year, however during the caesarean it was discovered that the cancer was far more advanced than initially thought, and she was given just weeks to live.

Megan Warren, Hannah’s sister, was blown away with her sister’s strength during the pregnancy.

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She said: “How she had grown a baby, with the pain she’d been enduring for so long, and the amount of tumours in her body, is something that will always amaze us and an admiration that can never be topped.

“At this point our whole world fell apart, but Hannah stayed so strong and began making plans for her family.

“With less than 24 hours’ notice, Hannah and Andrew’s wedding was booked.

“The hospital’s staff had never organised a wedding before, but you wouldn’t have known - they sorted every little detail you could possibly think of.

“It was the most emotional and unique day that could ever be. We cannot thank Jessops enough for the thought and effort they put into this day, while still carrying out their extremely demanding day jobs.

“Shortly after this, Hannah was moved to Barnsley Hospice - a place nobody ever wants to be but somewhere we have only ever heard praise about.

“The staff are out of this world and provided Hannah, and the entire family, with the most heart-warming care and compassion you could believe.

“Hannah talked to them about many things, one of them being how sad she was at the thought of never seeing the sea again, so they arranged for her to go to a beach.

“The Ambulance Wish Foundation facilitated a trip to Scarborough where Hannah, Andrew and Jude got to spend the day at the seaside and make some cherished memories.

“Thankfully baby Sadie’s journey has been a smooth one and she was discharged from neonatal care just two days after Hannah’s passing.

“She is a little superstar - something that no doubt she has inherited from her inspirational mummy.”

In Hannah’s honour, Megan started an online fundraiser to help raise funds following her death.

All the funds raised will be split between local charities she cared about including

Jessops, Barnsley Hospice, Barnsley Hospital’s neonatal unit, The Ambulance Wish Foundation and Mummy’s Star.

“Hannah’s wish was that no flowers were to be bought for her funeral.,” Megan added. “Instead she asked for donations to be made to all the services and charities that supported her during her final weeks.

“Words cannot express the heartache we’ve been left with from losing Hannah.

“She really was one in a million who was so selfless until the very end.

“We are so proud of the courage she’s shown over the last few months, she’s been an absolute warrior.

“If we can show half the strength she has, then we’ll find a way to get through this.

“Life can be and has been incredibly cruel but we’ve also seen an overwhelming amount of kindness from people and places that we did not even know existed until the last couple of months.

“You never know if one day you might also need their help.”

To donate to Hannah’s fundraiser, visit the Barnsley Chronicle website.