VANDALS who ‘slashed’ a local cricket club’s wicket cover ‘about 50 times’ didn’t keep them from playing their match the following day.

Alan Littlewood, who is a committee member at Worsbrough Bridge Cricket Club, was shocked to find the covers had been damaged last week - but it didn’t take long for the community to rally together to raise money for a replacement.

He told the Chronicle: “We noticed the damage at around 2pm on Friday so it must have been done between Thursday night and Friday morning.

“We had a similar thing happen to us seven years ago but this time it had been slashed about 50 times - it’s really upsetting for everyone who puts so much into the club.

“Covid has hit us hard, like it has every club, and we’re playing under restrictions at the minute.

“We’ve got a great group of volunteers who fundraise for the club and so when this happened it’s of course a big blow - we’re a tight-knit community and do a lot of work within it so we can’t get our heads around it.”

A fundraiser, set up by Alan, reached its £1,500 target within 24 hours and the club has since bought a new wicket cover.

“It shows that we have the resilience to carry on and we’re not just going to lay down and let these things happen,” he added.