A FAMILY that raised almost £300 for Barnsley Hospital by selling handmade cards over Christmas - to thank staff for their ‘constant’ care and support - are already planning to do the same this year.

Ben Fyfield, 29, has a rare epileptic condition called Dravet syndrome which is resistant to medication and often fatal during childhood, causing prolonged seizures.

Ben has spent his life in and out of hospital, and with his brother working as an auxiliary nurse, the family ties run very close.

Mum Liz Baldwin, 55, of Athersley North, made and sold gift tags over the Christmas period which raised £260 to purchase items for patients.

The gift tags - which Liz said will be available again from October - are made from recycled Christmas cards donated from all over the world including Australia and Thailand.

Liz said: “The NHS does an amazing job.

“However, sometimes the most vulnerable adults with complex needs which can vary from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to autism, dementia and learning difficulties benefit from more interaction - this is something NHS staff don’t always have the extra time to do, especially when they have been under pressure with Covid.

“We would like to be able to raise money to buy electronic tablets and other accessories which can help bring the patients some joy at times that can be very lonely.”

Search for ‘Ben’s Christmas gift to the NHS’ on Facebook to donate cards.